Login for access to library databases
Jaspernet account name
College ID Card Number (16 digits)
or barcode number
Do not include any spaces.
Jaspernet password
or Last Name


Our databases are available to users with a Jaspernet account, a current college ID card, or a library barcode.

To login with your College ID Card Number/Lastname or library barcode/lastname, enter your 16-digit ID code number or your 14-digit barcode number, without any spaces, and your last name.
To login with your Jaspernet account name and password, enter your Jaspernet account name in the format:
    for students - jdoe.student  
    for faculty - john.doe
Do not include '@manhattan.edu'.

If you do not have a college ID number or library barcode and you are eligible for one (a current student, or a member of the faculty or staff of Manhattan College), you may obtain a Manhattan College ID cardat the ID Office on the third floor of Thomas Hall.

If you have a college ID number or a library barcode, but are unable to access the databases, contact the library's circulation desk at 718-862-7166.
If you cannot access the system using your Jaspernet username and password, please contact the Computer Center Help Desk helpdesk@manhattan.edu

Revised, 26 October 2010, S. Pober